Tumbling, goRgeous florAl creations

that bring the outside in.

Wild Mint Floral Design

A warm welcome to wild miNt floRal design.

Where we tell natural, romantic stories with beautiful trailing blooms.

We offer a meticulous yet free-flowing bespoke floral design service for weddings and large events in Shropshire and its surrounding counties. 

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Our passion is taking a large space and transforming it into a rambling haven of wildflowers, hedgerow foragings and English garden favourites. Everything is lovingly curated, but not too uniformly. We embrace the abundant and the rambling, creating a backdrop of unruly elegance and unpretentious beauty. 

Whenever possible, we use seasonal, fragrant British blooms that conjure memories of English country gardens and long, lazy afternoons spent amongst the bees. Opulent, blowsy peonies, tumbling roses, delicate, entwined jasmine trails, all set against the delicate silhouette of a dappled beech canopy.



and wholly romantic.

our style is part...

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The ceremony, the reception, your bridal party bouquets, and any additional creative floral loveliness you may require. 

We will create and Design every Floral part of your weddiNg day.


It starts with an idea…

Breath-Taking botAnical lOveliness. 

and ends with